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CoBra Improvement

Attack Logistics is pleased to be partnering with BLR Aerospace is offering performance solutions that address these original design limitations.  The original particle separator used to filter turbine engine inlet air is an old technology item.  The BLR Inlet Barrier Filter, FAA certified for AH-1, is far superior in two important ways.  It has significantly less restriction (pressure drop) allowing the turbine engine to produce the same torque; but, at a significantly lower temperature (TGT).  This translates to more torque available in Hot and High Operations.  Additionally, the BLR Inlet Barrier Filter is far superior at filtering fine sand and dirt.  This increase in filtration will protect the gas path components and the pneumatic accessories of your engine.  The result is a more powerful engine that lasts longer.  In highly contaminated air, this modification can pay for itself by reducing the number of engine Unscheduled Removals due to Gas Path erosion. (Compressor and Turbine damage)  To further reduce engine temperature, BLR has FAA certified a modification to the Engine and Main Rotor Oil Cooling System.  The Oil Cooler Blower used in the AH-1S/ F is driven by engine bleed air.  By better managing the process of Oil Cooling, valuable engine bleed air can be reserved for making engine torque.   The combined impact of the Barrier Filter and the Oil Cooler Modification drops Engine Temperature (TGT) significantly.

As density altitude increases the tail rotor system has to work harder.  Gross weights that can be safely managed at Standard Day Sea-level conditions may need to be significantly reduced if higher Density Altitude hover operations are needed. To increase the capacity of the tail rotor system,  the FAA certified AH-1 Cobra FastFin® System will provide an additional increasement of Tail Rotor Authority allowing safe operations with higher all-up helicopter weights in higher density altitude conditions.  The FastFin System is an easy to install modification that can be done in country, if desired.   In addition to increased useful load, the FastFin System provides a better management of the airflow around the tailboom and through the vertical fin.  The result is a more aerodynamically stable helicopter.  This stability contributes to both energy savings and less wear to flight controls and stabilization systems.

Attack Logistics is BLR’s sole distributor of these performance modifications.  To hear more on these exciting modifications, please contact us.

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