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CoBra Improvement

Attack Logistics is pleased to be partnering with BLR Aerospace in offering performance solutions that address original design limitations. The Cobra particle separator used to filter turbine engine inlet air is an old technology item. The BLR Inlet Barrier Filter, FAA certified for AH-1, is far superior in two important ways. It has significantly less restriction (pressure drop) across the filter allowing the turbine engine to produce the same torque; but, at a significantly lower engine temperature (TGT). This translates to more torque available in Hot and High Operations. Additionally, the BLR Inlet Barrier Filter is far superior at filtering fine sand and dirt. This increase in filtration will protect the gas path components and the pneumatic accessories of your engine. The result is a more powerful engine that lasts longer and costs less to operate. In highly contaminated air, this modification can pay for itself by reducing the number of engine Unscheduled Removals due to Gas Path erosion. (Compressor and Turbine damage) To further reduce engine temperature, BLR has FAA certified a modification to the Engine and Main Rotor Oil Cooling System. The Oil Cooler Blower used in the AH-1S/ F is driven by engine bleed air. By better managing the process of Oil Cooling, valuable engine bleed air can be reserved for making engine torque. The combined impact of the Barrier Filter and the Oil Cooler Modification drops Engine Temperature (TGT) significantly.

Should we invest in a Service Life Extension Program for our AH-1 Cobras?

How does Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) work?

Attack Logistics provides interactive in-country consultation, at no charge, to explore the current condition of your Cobra fleet including logistics situations, weapon systems, nav systems, communications systems and basic helicopter systems and sub-systems. Attack Logistics will than create a customized SLEP program based on our findings and your input. Critical safety modifications are developed with FAA oversight and FAA certification to ensure proper safety standards are met. Attack Logistics holds the only active AH-1 FAA type certificate allowing the highest level of safety qualification. At the heart of all SLEP Programs is the need to restore, upgrade and improve the basic AH-1 helicopter. This process will often include tearing the helicopter down to its aluminum airframe skeleton. Aluminum parts are restored or replaced as needed to ensure adequate remaining life. An extension of 5000 hours of operation is typical for the Attack Logistics SLEP program. Once the basic airframe is renewed, Attack Logistics will install newly designed systems to replace original Cobra systems that do not provide the performance, capability, reliability or sustainability required by your organization.


The BLR Aerospace performance improvement modifications to allow full-fuel and full lethal weapons load-up.


Newly Designed communications, navigation, electrical inverters, stabilization and auto-pilot systems to improve capability, mission-readiness, sustainability, and reduce weight.


Newly Designed cockpit instruments that are more reliable, less expensive, readily available and offer greater accuracy with both the familiar sweep needles and digital readout.


Modern weapon systems including Hellfire Guided Missiles, Advanced Kill guided 2.75” rockets, and an assortment of other special mission offensive or defensive equipment.

Attack Logistics remains with you, after SLEP, providing training, tech pubs, parts, engineering and logistics. With the SLEP program completed, your Cobras are ready to serve in battle for decades. For more information on SLEP, please contact Attack Logistics at info@Attack-Logistics.com or use the WhatsApp link in the lower right

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