Our mission is to . the legacy cobra

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Attack Logistics serves the Foreign Military market segment. Our mission is to reverse the Obsolescence challenges Legacy Cobra operators face. Attack Logistics holds the only FAA-approved Type Certificate for the Cobra allowing Attack Logistics to offer FAA-approved modifications, parts, tech-pubs, and engineering. Our team is focused on designing new systems and sub-systems to increase reliability, reduce weight, improve performance, and manage the challenge of obsolescence. If your organization needs to keep the Legacy AH-1 Cobra in the fight, Attack Logistics can help.



The AH-1 Cobra, as originally designed, operated with a Lycoming T53-L-13 engine. The need for heavier armament load-up and enhanced mission capability led to the AH-1S “Modernized” Cobra which led to the final AH-1F configuration. The two latest configurations (AH-1S, AH-1F) included the T53-L-703 engine with its higher torque and thermodynamic rating. At 10,000 pounds max gross weight, the 703 engine could lift max gross weight only in low-altitude, standard-day conditions. As density altitude increased, so did the limitations on mission weight either for lack of Engine Temperature Margin and / or lack of tail rotor yaw-axis controllability. This results in many Cobra operators having to choose between weapons load-up and fuel in order to keep all-up mission weight way below the helicopter’s 10,000-pound max gross weight

Baseline to modified armament

FORCE Multiplier

Baseline condition

M 197 20MM
Automatic Gun

Rocket Launcher
(M260, 7 Tube)

Tow Missile (M65 Two Launchers, Four Missiles)

350 Rounds 20MM

Tow Missiles: 4

2.75" Rockets: o

Modified condition

M 197 20MM
Automatic Gun

Rocket Launcher
(M260, 7 Tube)

Tow Missile (M65 Two Launchers, Four Missiles)

700 Rounds 20MM

Tow Missiles: 8

2.75" Rockets:14


The Legacy AH-1S /F Cobra has been marked for extinction similar to the way the UH-1H was twenty-five years ago; still, both of these helicopters fly today in countries around the world. It’s not a debate of battlefield capability as the newer offerings are more capable. It is a matter of economics, and at times, export restrictions. If we compare the life-cycle cost of new attack helicopters including acquisition, training, replacement parts, special maintenance equipment, modern battlefield weapons systems, and the munitions themselves the difference can be between five and ten times the cost per flight hour. Again, the question is not “Is the new attack helicopter worth it?” The question is “can our military budget support the acquisition and ongoing budget requirements?” If the answer for your organization is no, consider the option of a Service Life Extension Program. Continue reading to understand how Attack Logistics can help you to sustain, grow or establish a Legacy AH-1S /F or AH-1W program.

Logistical Support

Attack Logistics can provide parts support including the FAA approved manufacturing of new AH-1S / F parts. We offer Technical Publications support, engineering support and maintenance training. Our program management team will work with your organization to keep your legacy Cobra fleet ready to fight. By focusing on improved systems, sub-systems and individual parts redesign, Attack Logistics will increase your mission readiness while lowering your Direct Operating Cost.

Our mission is to . the legacy cobra

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Cobra Program Background

The AH-1 legacy attack helicopter has been orphaned by both Bell Helicopter and the US Army
leaving the current military operators, globally, with an unsustainable logistics challenges


Original Design Challenges

◦ Insufficient Useful Load forces trade-off between Fuel and Munitions


Basic Airframe Challenges

◦ Aircraft Systems are obsolete and HEAVY
◦ Parts are scarce and EXPENSIVE


SLEP vs Replace

◦ New Attack Helicopters cost upwards of 50 million each to purchase
◦ Life cycle costs are 5 to 10 times higher than the legacy AH-1S/F

“The AH-1S / F can gain useful load, lethality and sustainability through service life extension. Attack Logistics was formed to help operators holistically manage their Legacy Cobras”- David Marone

“We have the knowledge and experience needed to renew the AH-1 Cobra. Our team is ready to get to work on your organization’s requirements.” – tom Jackson

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